International Policy & Instructions

International Orders 


❤️ We can ship Internationally.

❤️ customer is responsible for shipping cost. Cost depends on weight and size of package

❤️ Shipping cost does not include any taxes that your country may charge. 

❤️ We can not accept returns or exchanges for international orders. 

❤️ We can not take responsibility for mistakes or damages that may happen.

❤️ We can not take responsibility for packages after carrier confirms receipt. 

❤️ Any package that was shipped outside of the U.S., even not through our company,  all of the above apply.


❤️  Kindly place your order and select International Shipping. Shipping will come up as free.We will send you a separate invoice to pay for shipping cost. 

❤️ Kindly enter your preferred shipping address in English, please enter the billing address again, even it is the same as the shipping address. 

❤️ Once your order is placed, kindly send us an email with your order number, we will respond with shipping options and prices. 

❤️ We will then send you an invoice to pay the shipping cost 

❤️ If 4 business days after the shipping cost or invoice is sent, and we do not receive response or payment,  order will be canceled and original payment method refunded. 

❤️ Once invoice is paid your order will be shipped. 

❤️ You will receive a tracking email once your order ships so you can start your countdown.


If you have any questions, please contact